Danish furniture and product designer. Born 1985, lives and works in Copenhagen. 

The essence of my work is simplicity. I aim to create functional objects that can be of everyday use. I design honest solutions, both in terms of construction, materials and aesthetics. Reducing a piece to its core is - to me - the most challenging and difficult aspect of designing, but also the most rewarding.

Current clients are: MENU, NEW WORKS, WOUD

I graduated from the Design + Business school TEKO in 2012 and have also studied Aesthetics and Culture at the University of Aarhus.

Along with my own company, I currently work at &tradition

2018 Stockholm Furniture Fair (&tradition) 
2018 Imm Cologne (&tradition, New Works)
2017-18 EAT ME - Trapholt Museum
2017 MadeinHungary + MeeD design without borders, Budapest
2015-17 Stockholm Furniture Fair (New Works)
2015 Simple: The New Simplicity, Vorarlberg, Graz, Salzburg & Wien
2015 Imm Cologne, Danish DesignMAKERS
2014 Stockholm Furniture Fair (Menu A/S, New Works)
2014 Vess Gallery Copenhagen
2014 Play Nordic at the Royal Danish Embassy, Berlin
2014 Imm Cologne, Danish Design MAKERS
2014 Stockholm Furniture Fair
2013 Designers Saturday, Oslo
2013 Stockholm Furniture Fair

2018 Design Award 2018 (DK) - nominated in the category “The Lamp of the Year”
2017 Danish Arts Foundation
2016 Design Award 2016 (DK) - nominated "Upcoming of the year"
2014 Den Danske Eksportskoles Fonds Legat
2014 Fru Dorthea Hammers legatet
2012 2rd place in Innovation Cup

2009 - 2012 Furniture Design - TEKO Design & Business
2007 - 2009 Aesthetic and Culture - Aarhus University